Hay Day Hack

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Hay Day Hacks - The Only Working Way To Get Diamonds Instantly

If you quite love playing farming games, then here is one farm game that I want you to try for sure. The game I'm talking about is Hay Day. It is a freemium mobile game having a farming theme that is developed primarily to provide a smooth and unique experience to the players.

Basic Gameplay

Hay Day offers you the responsibility of sprucing up a withered farm into a flourishing one once again. The players will be given the charge to lay the land, grow crops, and harvest them as well to rehabilitate the farm. You can also raise livestock on the farm and can make goods with raw products. After that to make your farm enticing again, you will require money which you can obtain in abundant amount through Hay day hack. But other than that if you want to make your farm thriving again, then you can trade crops and goods to earn good profit. Apart from that, you can earn funds (coins) by completing orders on a truck or the sailboat.

Even though the game is wholly free to play, but like other games, there is also a hard currency that is diamonds. These can only be earned by spending real-life currency on it. Rest you always have the option of disabling the option of in-app purchases.

Now that we have discussed the basic gameplay of Hay Day, let's get deep into its mechanism. Here we will discuss some of the genuine tips using which as a novice you will be able to improve your gameplay.


  • Three buildings

First and the most important things are the three buildings named silo, farmhouse, and barn. All of these three plays very significant roles once developed. Therefore, construct these three and give them a nice thick coat of paint.

  • Don't run out of seeds

At each level, you will have a specific amount of different seeds. So, if you are to complete an order of say 16 corn units then don't just saw all 16 corn seeds. Instead, plant only 8 of them because every crop doubles itself on the harvest. So, eight seeds of corns, 16 corn units will get collected in the silo.

Make sure to not run out of seeds ever; otherwise, you will have to spend diamonds to purchase seeds.

  • Saying no to orders

In the game, your bulletin board will get filled with many orders. Some of these will be paying a good amount of money as well. But keep in mind to only complete the orders when you have enough amount of stock. If you run out of stock then and learn to say no to the orders. However, if you want to earn money and you don't have enough stock to complete the orders then you can make the use of Hay Day cheats get a generous amount of coins in the game.

  • Stars

Apart from the currency of the game, there is one more thing that will help you to progress faster; these are the experience points that are also referred to as stars. As in the earlier paragraph, I told you that there would be files of orders in your bulletin board. Now there will be two things that will show first is the money that you will get on completing the order, and others will be the experience points that the order will provide you. Now you need to see e those orders that are offering you a good amount of stars or experience points as that will help you to get level up faster in the game.


These were some of the tips that you can keep in mind while playing the game, and I am sure that this will help you out for sure. Now you can rehabilitate your farm by using your skills and our tips.